Who we Are

SSIC (Sprott Social Impact Club) is a youth-run student club that aims to elevate communities faced with difficulties by providing access to educational institutions. Sprott Social Impact Club provides Carleton Students with a platform to run projects to address social issues like poverty, lack of access to education and child marriages. The club has hosted events and launched an online campaign to achieve its objectives. Sprott Social Impact Club is a Carleton University Club that was founded in September 2019 and in December 21st, 2019, SSIC has empowered 75 girls by providing resources like reusable pads to ensure they do not face any obstacles during their schooling. In October, 2020, SSIC supported 140 girls in Longido, Tanzania by providing resources such as masks and hygiene products.


Our Mission is to provide a platform for Sprott students to run projects that address social issues and create social impact.


Our Vision is to provide a student population filled with international changemakers and leaders in the social impact space.

Why Do We Do What We DO

To Open Doors to Education for All Children 

Lack of funding is the main factor that impedes access to education among children and youth in developing countries. SSIC goal is to create access to schools for children who would not otherwise be able to attend to achieve their full academic potential by providing funds, materials, and support to enable their young minds to prosper.

Provide Leadership Opportunities

SSIC aims to provide a platform for its members with the leadership opportunity that will challenge them and enable their full potential. SSIC  provides support to young leaders to run projects to address various issues including lack of access to education, poverty, and child marriages due to having limited or no opportunity for education.SSIC members will be given an opportunity to directly connect with communities and open doors for these communities, so they can build a better future for themselves.


SSIC Projects

SSIC projects respond to an urgent need of the society. Our objectives include:

  • Empowering girls and eradicating forced marriages, by providing scholarships and reusable pads to ensure they do not face any obstacles during their schooling
  • Providing resources and opportunities to support the local communities
  • Contributing to sustainability and community development through youth engagement
  • Working in partnership with local NGOs like Agnes Zabali Boys & Girls Club of Kamengo, as well as Canadian NGOs like CACHA “Canada Africa Community Health Alliance”
  • Creating educational awareness and providing health education.

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